Hemi has been working as a voiceover artist for over 18 years with a diverse body of work covering commercials, corporate recordings, video games, cartoon characters, tv promos, ivr prompts, documentaries, dubbing, ADR, radio plays, e-learning, training videos, medical narration, audio books, and even a couple of animation jingles.

He has voiced nation-wide commercial campaigns for companies such as Vodafone and Hitachi, as well as numerous corporate recordings for companies such as HSBC, BMW and Mastercard. He is the voice of EasyJet's Turkish in-flight announcements, Netflix audio descriptions in Turkey, as well as Cbeebies and Cartoon Network promos. His voice can be heard in leading Turkish-learning-programmes, such as Rosetta Stone. He also plays the role of Safar Bishara in the new BBC animation Romans.

His video game work includes, The Young Detective, Total War Rome II, Attila, Tempo and Mordhau.

He has appeared in radio plays such as Poppyseeds, The Cool Bag Baby, Forgiving, Ambridge Extra, as well as The Long View (all for the BBC). He has also recorded The Sandman Vol II, Arabian Nights Vol. I & II, Dear Highlights, The Sudden Traveller, The Three Musketeers, Istanbul Noir and Disquiet for Audible, also The Super Duck for the Book Trust's Audio Book of The Year.


He is also the voice of the enigmatic Kozlowski in the hit podcast fiction series The Amelia Project.

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Voice reels:

1) Turkish Reel

2) English Reel

3) Character Reel

4) Audiobook Reel

5) Cartoon Jingles

6) Home Studio Quality Reel


Other Samples:

1) Corporate infomercial (English)

2) IVR Prompts (Turkish)

3) Radio Commercial (English)

4) Medical E-Learning (Turkish)

5) BBC Bitesize Character (English with a Middle Eastern accent)

Video reels from various voiceover projects:

Clipix Campaign

Cartoon Network Promo

BBC Bitesize - Safir Bishara

Audio Description - MENA Arts

The Tortoise Trainer

Abdul Latif Jameel Corporate